To Dr.Mueller Thank you. Your tooth care was terrific!

Tamara J.

To Dr. Long
We should have done this over twenty years ago when we started coming to see you. You are the most kindest, caring and gentle dentist in the world. We wouldn’t trade you for the world. There aren’t many around like you. Thank you very, very, much. P.S. Every time one of us come back from seeing you we always have something good to say about you!

Dave L. and Family

To Dr. Mueller Thanks a million! Just to let you know that we appreciate your care and also from your staff. “Pat on the Back” to everyone!!

Maureen B.

To Dr.Long and Staff
Thank you so much for fitting us in today. I really appreciate that you went out of your way to find a spot for my son, especially after my mixup today.
P.S. Your office staff, all other staff, and yourself have always been so pleasant. It’s a pleasure to deal with all of you!


To Dr. Mueller
With just a couple of weeks left in Alberta before venturing into Ontario, there are a few things that I would like you to know. After having experienced some unpleasant dentist visits throughout my life, I never thought i would find a Dentist as caring, gentle and as knowledgeable as you are Dr. Mueller. You changed the way I look at dentists and no longer affiliate pain with dentist . I just wanted you to know that you made a huge difference in my regular visits. Both the most recent Root Canal and wisdom tooth extraction were as painless as falling onto a big fluffy pillow. Thank you very much. I will miss your gentle and caring ways. Thank you for removing any fears I had. All the best in the future.

Louise H.

To Dr. Mueller You’re the greatest! (Dentist) Just a wee note to say “thank you” for your time and patience this morning.


To Dr. Long Thank you so much for your help with Amanda. It was so much appreciated .Your kindness and thoughtfulness has made it easier for Amanda’s trip. Thanks again.

Julie. H.

To Dr. Mueller and Staff It’s the little things you do that make a big difference. Thank you for making a dentist a whole new experience. The only stress now is my Dental plan. Thanks to you all.

Judy M.

To Dr. Long and his Staff
Thank you so much for your excellent care of Krysten. You have always spent time explaining to us her options for her famous “front teeth”. Every time she has come in you have made her feel calm when she wasn’t sure what to expect. We have had to call you a few times with the need to get her into see you quickly and you have gone the extra mile getting us an appointment right away. You’ve never made me feel like those calls are a nuisance. Wow, what customer service! Krysten and I really appreciate your excellent care! Thanks.


To Dr. Mueller A very special thank-you to very special you for fixing my teeth on your day off!


To Dr. Long and Staff. Thank you so much for your kindness and for being the kind and compassionate person you are. Thank you


To Dr. Mueller and Staff
Thank you so much for the beautiful new smile you and your team have created for me! I have received a lot of compliments about my new “Hollywood ” teeth (all good of course!) but most importantly i am so pleased. After several years of procrastination on my part this wasn’t the huge painful experience I had envisioned! I’m so glad I did this – my heartfelt thanks to you Ed and everyone involved! Thank you.

Brenda S

Thank you so much for doing such a good job and being so kind. P.S. Also thanks to a nice and kind staff.

Irene M.

We love it when patients write us thank you cards; many people are afraid to go to the dentist, and when they find out how gentle and caring our office is, they often tell us how much they appreciated our care. And that makes us all feel better! Here are some thank you cards we’ve received:

Dr. Long

Always helpful and professional

Mary Jo Laforest

It was good, quick and pretty painless.

Shaun Ayotte

My wife who has a lifelong intense fear of dental offices was amazed. She was able to go thru the procedure and felt at ease. Her comment was this was a totally different experience than what i imagined and have previously experienced.

Robert Betzner

I have been goint to see Dr Long for close to 30 years. I have referred many friends and relatives to him. I would happily recommend him to anyone as he has shown a great deal of professionalism, care and compassion over the years.

Don Proulx

Dr. Jansen and the staff at St. Albert Dental Centre are top notch. This particular appointment was for my 8 year old daughter, and they made the whole experience very comfortable and not at all scary for her!

Susan Aghili

great with the kids!

Kerry Mclaughlin-parayko

Love Dr. Jansen and all of his team! My kids are always quite happy to go to the dentist!

Amanda Lambert

Gentle and attentive

Brian Sherrington

As far as dentists go it is always a good experience

Susan Maione

It is always a present experience.

Herb Kenny

I get the best service from everyone in this office and Dr. Jansen is an excellent dentist. I should know because of all the dental work I have had over the past couple of years!!

Cindy Gilpin Folkersen

Very good. Patty did an excellent job.

Kenzie Jands

I’ve been coming to Dr. long for well over 20 years. He’s an excellent Dentist and he always had well trained assistants and front office staff. Who are always courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend this office to friends and family & in fact have…. I’m very fortunate to have such a great dentist & I appreciate it greatly. He now serves two of my 4 grandsons as well. My daughter & her husband turns out to have been a patient for the same length of time… Thank you very much…..

Cheryl McMillan Vollrath

first dental cleaning ever. good experience. x-rays done and explained clearly with Dr.Long.


great like always!


Would not go any where else. Everything is perfect from the moment you walk in to all of the professional service you receive. Dr. Long and his staff are fantastic


Always a very pleasant experience. 1 of the best dentists I have ever had. Staff is always friendly and courteous.

Brian Mann



All was good.


Excellent cleaning. Probably the best one I have had. Explanatory and informative. Thanks 🙂

Judy Lucht

As always I had a great experience with Dr Long and my hygienist (I always forget her name!) Dr. Long always amazes me with how much he remembers about my life when he asks about how things are- especially because we have only been seeing him for a little over a year. Little things like that really add to the care. It’s no wonder he came so highly recommended.
The girls at the front desk are always friendly and welcoming, and the hygienist does a great job with the scaling and cleaning – always checking to make sure nothing is hurting or uncomfortable. I also really appreciated being asked if I wanted fluoride with this visit, given that I am pregnant.
Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things to do, but you guys make it quick and painless. Thanks for all you do!

Melissa Anthony

good as usual


Very professional.

Barry McGugan

All Staff that dealt with me were both kind and professional.

Rob Milberry

Good. They were able to complete work and do a filling in a quick and timely manner.




I have been seeing Dr. Long for about 25 years and am very impressed by his skill and ability. He is a great dentist. In addition, his office staff has always been friendly and helpful. There is a very welcoming feeling to this office, unlike the dentist offices of my youth.

Diane Wozniak



Everything was perfect!


This was my first visit so that being said it went extremely well. I am not a gadget guy and am mostly concerned with getting in and out in an efficient manner. but i do have to say the tv’s on the ceiling are a nice distraction

Kent Lamoureux

This office is always very prompt in fact I was 15 minutes early and got right in. Always a wonderful experience.


Excellent service; very friendly staff and very knowledgeable

Malcolm Watt

Front desk staff are very friendly and efficient!



Bob Strynadka

Everyone I dealt with was very nice.
Dr. Long is awesome and informative, takes his time to really explain what he is doing. Never felt rushed once, very friendly and happy.
Nadia was friendly and encouraging, did everything she could to make my visit as comfortable as possible.
Receptionist was very friendly and helpful.



Tom Friesen

For almost twenty years it’s been a pleasure to be a patient of Dr Long. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jacquelyn Guzman

Great Doc
Great assistants
Patient and good with the children
Thank you


Was a good experience in total. The doctor and the staff were great. A great office.

Roger Cousineau

It’s always a pleasure coming for my appointment. That says a lot for a trip to the dentist!!!!!!


Very pleasant and friendly staff

Nancy Smith

Great care. I felt I was dealt with honestly.


I have been using Dr. Long for a long time and would not consider going anywhere else. Best in the business, as far as I am concerned.

Ken Hoeksema

Dr. Jansen is awesome!!!


always nice and friendly
even better when I don’t have to come back for fixing.




I love all of the staff at St. Albert Dental Centre. Everyone is very good to my family, they ensure we get the best treatment and advice while making each visit enjoyable.

Sharon Villeneuve

Always provide good feedback and tips


Excellent staff and I highly recommend this practice.

Misti Lee Lantz

This is the first time I’ve had a dentist explain findings in an x-ray to me. Very personable dentist (Dr. Long) and hygienist (Jen). Great experience.

Ray Keroack



As always, my experience was extremely positive. Patty and Dr. Jansen are amazing.

Penny Odegard

This dental office is the best I have experienced. They take into account the fact I gag easily and are extremely kind.


Dental hygenist Patricia was amazing.


Great team of professionals at this office; my family has been going to Dr. Mueller for years and he always make a trip to the dentist “comfortable”, if that is possible!


Patient of Dr Long for 25+ years.Visite 2x per year.Saiisfied. No reason to change.

Wally Mattila

very pleasant


I always have a great experience, friendly staff and my Doctor is first class when it comes to his patients.

Leah Ann



Everyone is friendly and professional


Excellent experience as usual.

Betty Faulkner

Betty Faulkner

The best description is I used to hate going to the dentist… avoid it at all costs.. even my oral health… but since being a patient with Dr. Mueller and his core of professionals I actually look forward to my appointments…. who looks forward to dental appointments…

Blaine Harrison

Great experience – thanks


Been a patient since 1990 and extremely happy with on going dental experience.

Rick Harris

This was my first visit to this clinic and this dentist and I had an excellent experience. He took the time to thoroughly explain the procedures and results of my x-rays. The rest of the staff at the clinic were courteous and professional. Facilities arr first-rate.

Mike Gilmore

Excellent experience
( as usual ) with Dr. Mueller and staff.

Cathy Olsen





Routine scaling. Did not see Doctor.
Patti is very professional and skilled.

Henry Resta

Always a good and informative experience.


Dr Long is a wonderful dentist! We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for our oral care. They staff and Hygienist were friendly, attentive and patient with my daughters first visit and answered our questions adequately. The only negative thing that could be said is that the headphones in the room were not working at the time unless I stood there holding the cord and twisting it a certain way. My daughter was quite nervous about the whole cleaning process and didn’t want to let the hygienist finish the job unless she was distracted by the tv. Definitely not a huge problem but just something that could (and hopefully has been) fixed.



Irene Huls

Staff was very good with my children.


Very friendly & professional staff. Assistant and dentist have great bedside manner and do a great job of explaining things.


Would never go anywhere else. Dr. Long has been the only Dentist that listen to what I have to say. He has help me greatly with my exstentive dental issues where no other dentist has. Thank You

Michelle W.

going to the dentist is never fun but this is a great dental office and I always trust Dr. Long’s advice when it comes to mine or my kids teeth!

Michele Bent

I enjoyed my visit to the dentist. The office is efficient and very professional. Thank you!


Always a pleasure dealing with Patti.

Bruce Simpson

Dr. Long is an excellent Dentist. He is intentional to communicate clearly and answer all questions in an unhurried way. Both of my kids (Hanna 11yrs and Caleb 10yrs) feel comfortable in his office as well. His staff are kind, professional, engaging and a real joy to interact with during our appointments. We couldn’t be happier with the care we receive with Dr. Long and his staff.

Lisa Peters

It was quick and easy and the doctor was nice as usual

Taylor Bent

It was a comfortable visit

James Crockett

stressless , even my kids don’t mind going to see Dr. Mueller

Mare Hammermeister

I have been a long time patient and this is a great dental office.
They give great care and attention to my dental health needs.
I highly recommend to everyone.


I commute an hour to see Dr. Mueller.


Didn’t see the Dr. this time staff were very good.


LOVED the hygienist! She was soooo good with my daughter- it was her first ever cleaning.
Sabrina says, “It was a good time” and she liked being shown all the tools “to play with”. She also likes the T.V. 🙂

Melissa Zawaduk

Awesome as usual

Alyssa Kenny

Very good staff, friendly and helpful. We have been seeing Dr. Janzen for 25+ years and it is always great to see him.


In quickly no issues


Pleasant as always

G.. E. Holliday

Was as professional and friendly as always.


I had to see Dr. Long’s replacement, Dr. Meuller and he was great. It was quick and painless.

Barbara Jensen

Our entire family sees Dr. Long (my children as well as my parents, my sister, my 2 niece and in-laws) and we absolutely love him and his ‘chair side’ manner.


Absolutely fantastic experience. I love my dentist.

Justine Jenkins-Crumb

Both Dr. Mueller and the hygienist (Natalie?) were great


This was my thirteen year old daughter’s first experience with freezing. She had to have a baby tooth pulled and it couldn’t have gone better. Dr. Long was very gentle and reassuring with her. He did the freezing in such a way that she had no idea that a needle was used. She didn’t feel any pain at all. He also allowed me to be in the room with her during the procedure. The other staff were also kind and professional. It was a very positive experience. Thank you Dr. Long and St. Albert Dental Centre!

Kim Smith

it is all good no issues

albert levasseur

Awesome! Dr Long and his hygienist always takes to to explain your dental health, are very friendly and professional.


Professional, friendly, honest.

amy appleby

Doctor Long, the dental hygienist and office staff were absolutely awesome! They took time to explain what was going on to my son so he wasn’t scared and were gentle with him. Thanks for a great experience – even if there were a couple of cavities to deal with!


excellent service


Thank you. My experience was great with great staff and thank you Dr Long for being able to book me so quickly for the root cannal.

Ed Czaja

No complaints. Everything went very well. I was just in for a cleaning, and that was given in a professional manner. Dr. Long popped in to say Hi, which was very nice. Thank You.

Peggy Letts

Excellent as usual! Dr. Long is a very good dentist.


Excellent service, great hygenist, great doctor.

ralph hartfeil

Always Great!! Thanks so much…

Alison Carter

The doctor is great and the office is very nice.


liked very much how my dentist explained what needed to be done. Using my xray as a visual aid.


Liked very much on how my dentist explained what needed to be done, with the help of the visual aid showing my xray.


Dr Long was great as usual. The hygienist was very nice.


Liked the way my dentist explained what needed to be done and what options I have, with the help of the new visiual aid showing my xray.

Len Boisvert

Friendly and knowledgable staff, great service


Finding prices a little high…higher than they used to be!!


Dr. Long is always amazing and very personable. The dental hygienist, Patty, was wonderful. She answered all my questions thoroughly and went above and beyond! Thank you!

Christine Cookson

New hygienist (Natalia?) was terrific.
Very gentle. She was very excited about the new digital ex-ray machine. I usually have an issue with the old film with pain when trying to bite down. With this new one, I was able to bite down with little discomfort. When she gave me my goody bag, I asked her if I got a lip balm. She apologized saying there were none left. When I got to the desk to sign my paperwork, Paulette had a lip balm for me. A really nice touch. Thank you.

Carmen Tilley

I TRUST Dr. Long. He’s awesome. Your patient, Eric Stenberg.

Eric Stenberg

Awesome no worries been coming there for many years now.

Leo Levasseur

I did wait about 10 minutes after my appointment time, but the hygienist did agree to stay late to finish my cleaning. If she didn’t I would have had to take more time off work to come back for a second appointment. which was greatly appreciated.

Desi Chrapko

Hygenist was running late but stopped to tell me as other patient left. Was friendly and had positive manner.


Excellent, as always!


Keep doing what your doing, your continous improvements are great.

Pete Bergsma

Despite my anxiety, I was made to feel comfortable and reassured that I was in charge, and could stop any time if I wanted to. Everything was done quickly and efficiently, and the hygienist was very nice.


Excellent. Had Nadia for the first time and she was very kind, gentle and thorough and great personality. Would love to have her again.
Dr. Long is excellent and my all time favourite dentist. I really appreciate all the information he provides to me about my teeth.

Kathy Borreson

We have attended to our dental needs by visiting Doctor Long since 1988. He is in my view a totally professional person and also very caring. All staff at St. Albert Dental clinic have been great.

Bob Borreson

My sister recommended your office and Dr. Long to me, and I recommended the same to my son. It’s becoming a family affair.

Sandra Davis

Visit went well,Terry was excellent.Dr. Long was his usual friendly self.overall experience was excellent.


Staff are friendly and knowledgable.
Had a partial wisdom tooth pulled here and there was no pain at all; much better than experience I had with a previous dental location.


pleased with every evrything

Peter DiPalma

Patty was friendly, professional, and did a great job of my cleaning.


Everyone is friendly and I always feel comfortable….regardless of the dental work being done. I have been a customer since 2001 and will not make any changes in this regard.

Joanne McGill

efficient friendly staff. Excellent care. The best dentist!

Rose Dufty


Shauna Bokenfohr

Great! Friendly conversation and professional advice.


great as usual


My family contiues to go to St. Albert Dental Center because of the great service and caring staff. Keep up the great work!! :o)

Elodie Clark

It was no different then my previous visits.




My dentist is awesome!


My experience with St. Albert Dental Centre has always been excellent. Appointments are always on time and staff are always very friendly and professional. I have recommended the office to friends looking for a great dental experience.


Always very professional ( staff and Dr.Mueller) up to date equipment. Take time to talk to patient and they take their time.


Patti was fabulous!


Dr Mueller is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend him to anyone interested.


I was there for cleaning only and Pat was absolutely perfect as always.

James Munroe

excellent expereince


Very good experience. Was taken in right away and the dentist is great and very thorough!


Overall it was good. Really like the dentist and hygienist.


Really kind staff, but over an hour and a half long appointment for annual cleaning and only about 5mins with Doctor Long. Felt far too rushed with him and one item the hygenist had noted was missed being addressed.


was well looked after. see you next year. even better if I win Oilers tickets (lol)
Thanks Dan

Dan Hurlburt

Hygenist was excellent, very informative and friendly…did not hurt when flossed!! Happy with service as always. My only “complaint” is that my clean checkup was not completely covered by health insurance. To me, this shows that there is always discrepancies between the dental offices prices and the prices that the insurance companies have. I wish they would be equal.


five star

pat ervin

I enjoyed meeting my new hygienist.


I use to be so nervous about getting my teeth done… Not anymore. This place and my dentist, I would highly recommend.


I’m happy with this dental office

Justin Gamble

They were very nice and they did a fantastic job overall.


Always awesome to see Dr. long and staff. Very pleasant experience.


Its always a pleasure to been see at this clinic. I have been coming here for 25 years and my whole family now gets the expertise as well.


Dr. Long is courteous and professionel

Yvan Hubert

Excellent experience. I have been going to Dr. Long for over twenty years and have always had excellent care and attention. All staff create a very warm, caring, welcoming and friendly atmosphere yet very professional.


Always good..I’ve been a patient for 20 years and have recommended Dr. Long to several people.


I have been seeing doctor Mueller since I was a little girl and couldnt imagine going anywhere else. They are a very progressive office where patient care is there #1 concern.


Unbeatable combination. Dr. Jansen & Patty! None better in the city.


I was impressed with how friendly and caring the staff were, and Dr. Long was amazing! He was patient and took the time to explain the procedure to me. I was a bit nervous to try a new dentist, but I will definitely be back… and my family has found their new dentist! Thanks again, Dr. Long!

Terri Brunning

Friendly staff, great dentist, definetly going back


Always a good experience.

Erin Howard

I had just lost my mother the day before, and I was in a
very vulnerable state. The hygienist was very compassionate and gentle. For this I was extremely
grateful!. Dr. Mueller was also very sympathetic and



M-J Carroll

It’s so nice to see all the smiling faces especially during the winter months when everthing outside is so gloomy. The staff are always accommodating to any needs regarding care or appointments. Thanks.

Bob Kachuk

very friendly! When arriving i was greeted and the hygenist was very friendly and communicative! Suggestions for better teeth care were appreciated as they were not preach, but gentle reminders!


Very quick, efficient and professional.

Martin McKenna

it was my first visit to the office, and it was a pleasant experience


Everything went well. Thanks.


Excellent and friendly service as always!

Lesley Hamil

Lesley Hamill

Always the best!! Dr. Long and staff have cared for my wife and I for some time now and I’d have it no other way!!



Frank Hayden

Very good.


very pleasant


Sticking with Dr. Long and company for nearly a quarter century speaks volumes about the level of service, courtesy and attention afforded to myself and 3 other members of my family. As “painful” as a dental treatment can be sometimes, the calibre of professionals in the office ensures that every appointment is a “painless” one.

Viju Menon

Could have been even less then 5 mins actually, wait times have always been minimal! Dr Long also did an amazing job my my freezing, hardly felt the needle at all!
Thanks for the great service!

Nicole McDonald

Over the years I have been impressed each and every time I’ve been in for an appointment. The office is always very professionally run. Staff are friendly, caring and efficient. And Dr. Long is simply the perfect dentist. He is gentle and caring and very good at what he does. I have been able to trust him completely with myself and my children.

Bev Hyer

always have great experience. Staff is always friendly!


my experience was wonderful Patty makes you feel very comfortable and I feel she is a great asset to the office.

Sandi Kaser

No problems

Robert Powelson

Efficient pleasant people.

Doug Law

I have been a patient of the St. Albert Dental Centre for more than 20 years, and have never, ever had a bad experience there. Dr. Long and Patti (my hygienist) are ALWAYS pleasant and professional, and do whatever they can to make me feel comfortable!!


Great service
Friendly staff
clean facilities
I like the fact that you are going digital with your x-rays
(less radiation)


I always have a great experience when I’m there:)

Angela Foster