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Caring for your smile isn’t just brushing and flossing at least twice a day. It also means getting treatment for conditions that occur over time. Problems such as tooth decay and periodontal disease are serious as they can cause significant damage to the smile—even permanent tooth loss! With the care and attention of our team at St. Albert Dental Centre, patients of our St. Albert community can start with services such as dental cleanings designed to thoroughly remove plaque, tartar, and calculus from the teeth. It is the first step for getting patients started on the journey to restoring their smile’s health!

Why do I need dental cleanings?

Regardless of how thorough you feel you brush and floss after every meal, you may be missing areas over time that can cause the development of a sticky film called plaque. Plaque can harden and become difficult to remove without the help of a dental professional. During routine dental visits every six months, you will have your teeth cleaned by our dental hygienists. Not only can they clean the areas you may have missed, but they can also evaluate the smile to determine if further measures need to be taken. This includes specialized cleaning designed to reverse issues such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Regular visits with a Registered Dental Hygienist are essential if diagnosed with gum disease or periodontitis.

How are the teeth cleaned when gum disease is present?

Our team is pleased to offer Airflow therapy for our periodontal patients. Instead of removing biofilm with hand scaling, we utilize a device known as Airflow therapy. This treatment device is perfect for individuals with difficult areas in the mouth to access, ensuring thorough biofilm removal—especially along the gum line.

Are you ready for the treatment necessary for gingivitis and periodontitis?

The dentists and dental hygienists at St. Albert Dental Centre can help!
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