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So, you’ve got a dental filling, and you might wonder: what happens if it becomes loose or damaged? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back at St. Albert Dental Centre.

First off, let’s talk about why fillings can run into trouble. It can happen for a few reasons:
→ Oral health habits may lead to cavities.
→ Or perhaps you had an accident that hurt your face.
→ Sometimes, fillings wear out over time.
→ And if you grind your teeth or clench them a lot, that can cause issues, too.
→ Oh, and biting into really hard or crunchy foods? Yes, that can be a problem.

Now, what should you do if you find your filling is loose or missing? The first thing we recommend is calling us at St. Albert Dental Centre. We’ll get you in for an appointment quickly – usually, we can fit you in on the same day when we’re open.

While you wait, keeping your mouth clean is essential because, with a cavity exposed, it’s more likely to get infected. You can try rinsing with warm salt water to ease any discomfort, or you can apply an ice pack to the area.

When you come to our office, our friendly dentist will check things out and explain what needs to be done. In most cases, we can fix or replace that filling in just one visit, so you’ll be smiling again soon.

Now, let’s talk about how to prevent fillings from causing you trouble in the first place. Fillings don’t last forever, but you can help them stay in good shape by:
→ Avoiding biting on tough things like ice cubes.
→ Keeping your teeth and gums healthy – that’s super important!
→ Don’t forget those regular check-ups to ensure everything in your mouth is A-OK.

Remember, we’re here to keep your smile healthy and bright!