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CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, creates crowns from porcelain blocks while patients are in the chair. With CEREC, the tooth is prepared, and the final restoration is bonded into place during the same appointment.

What is the process of obtaining a CEREC dental crown? 

At St. Albert Dental Centre, our team of dental professionals can walk you through the process of obtaining your new dental restoration.

  • Candidacy. Before going through the steps for a dental crown, our team will first provide an assessment to determine if a dental crown is best for repairing a tooth.


  • Preparation. Some tooth structure needs to be removed to prepare for the dental crown.


  • Scans. Digital impressions are completed of the prepared tooth, eliminating messy impressions. These digital impressions ensure the precision fit and function of the new restorations.


  • Crown creation. These digital impressions are then sent to the CAD/CAM software of the CEREC device, allowing it to create a dental crown from a block of porcelain in approximately 20 minutes.


  • Placement. The dental crown is complete and can be bonded in place before the patient leaves the office.


Learn more by calling the team at St. Albert Dental Centre.

If you reside in the area of St. Albert, Alberta, or Edmonton, and want to speak to a professional about your options for CEREC dental crowns, connect with our staff today by calling (780) 459-9162. 

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